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what if…

Outer Beauty:

Tame your tresses with Neil George Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil. The beautiful fragance and velvety texture will smooth and nourish your locks. This lightweight treatment oil can be used on damp hair to de-frizz or on dry hair to tame flyaways, your hair will love you for this elegant treat.

Inner Beauty:

We all have our inner demons, when we examine our fears in the light of day they become less powerful. A great excersize for minimizing fear is the “What If…” game. Start by writing something you’re fearful of, next, write down “what if…” that happened, then what and so on and so on. As you do this you’ll see that most of the things you worry about will never actually happen, this will give less validity to your fears and allow you to move past them with ease and grace.

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