RECIPES || Cucumber Avocado Soup

by Erin Lanahan Method…

If you’re looking for a cool soup to refresh you this summer, here’s an easy and delicious idea. Ok…let’s eat!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Serves 4

-1 organic cucumber

-1 organic avocado

– 2 green onions

-juice of one lime

-1 cup of plain yogurt (use soy yogurt for lactose intolerant and/or vegan option)

– 1 cup filtered spring water

-sea salt and pepper to taste

*Rough chop the cucumber, avocado, green onions and place in the blender. Add other ingredients and process until smooth.

Tip: Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro and a dash of cayenne pepper

Food for Thought:

What we look like on the outside is simply a reflection of how healthy we are on the inside. Treat your body with love by eating foods that support wellness, and as a result, you will greet the world with beauty, radiance, and vitality. –E.L.M.

Erin Lanahan
CPT, Health and Wellness Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Counselor, Motivational Speaker

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