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let go, feel lighter…

Outer Beauty:

Want more volume and texture in your hair? Look no further than Loreal Infinium 4 Styling Spray.  The key is to pick up sections of your hair and spray inside of your hair at the root.  For fine hair, style hair as usual and spray Infinium 4 inside at the root.  This will create volume without weighing your hair down.  For thicker hair, use the same technique to create sexy, bedhead texture.

Inner Beauty:

Here’s a great technique for letting go and feeling lighter.  This is very useful during a transitional time, as it allows you to let go of the old and create space for the new.  Start by visualizing a flowing river, now place each one of your troubles into the water and watch as they float away down the river.  This simple excursive will clear you mind allowing more clarity and trust to flow into your life.

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