SOUL || How To Manifest Your Desires, Pt. 6 of 6

by Julie Rose

claim your dream…

We’ve reached the end of the 6 Week Manifesting Series, so before we take that final step, let’s review:

Week 1-you clarified your Dream

Week 2- you planted the seeds and watched it grow

Week 3-protected your dream

Week 4-kept your eyes on your prize by making sure your actions were
aligned with your highest goals

Week 5-repeatedly imagined yourself living your dream

Now, in Week 6 you’ll do what most people never dare to do, you will Claim Your Dream. What does this mean? It means you willl declare ownership of your dream with full confidence. If you have taken the steps, You ARE living that dream. Was it your dream to become a successful writer? You now declare yourself as one. Envisioned yourself in a happy relationship? Claim it. If saying you’re in a “happy relationship” sounds fake when you aren’t in one yet, simply say, “I am in the PROCESS of attracting a happy, loving relationship”, that statement IS true. Being in the process is just as important because it means you are closer to having what you want. Use your words carefully because the Universe will deliver what you ask for. Conviction calls your desires and dreams home. Confidence guides them directly to you. Everyday declare who you are to the Universe ALOUD, and you will be amazed at how quickly it comes to you. Click here to learn more…

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