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Outer Beauty:

Did you know that applied topically, coffee promotes smoother-looking skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite? Or, that coffee has a PH balance similiar to the human body, making it clean better than soap or shampoo? Well, at Barista Bath and Body they not only know, they’ve created an entire line inspired by the cosmetic benefits of coffee. My favorite is One Lump or Two, this scrumptious scrub is a fusion of coffee, sea salt, and sugar infused with avocado and neem oils. Your skin will be left feeling soft and hydrated, and the smell in the shower is a great way to start the day!
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Inner Beauty:

Love yourself for who you are in this moment, living in present time is the gateway to personal power. The more you can clear yourself of other people’s expectations and pictures, and also of your own old ideas and beliefs about yourself, the more powerful you will become. Take some quiet, reflective time to yourself and allow new ideas to flow to you. It’s during these times of silence you can get an increasingly clear sense of who you are.

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