SKIN || Sara Turbeville

“Reveal your inner beauty on the outside.”

Outer Beauty:

There is something about getting a facial that not only cleanses your skin, but also your soul. Sara Turbeville has that effect on you. Sara’s studio is located in a charming bungalow in Santa Monica and her highly specialized approach to skincare is professional and informative. Each facial is customized for the client’s skin type and specific issue. I highly recommend Sara, she was such a pro and my skin has never looked better!

Inner Beauty:

A facial is a great way to relax and also release stored-up emotional energy. One of the best ways to maximize this experience is by visualizing yourself letting go of whatever comes into your mind during this process. Wether it be people or events, don’t judge it, just let it go and imagine yourself having clear, beautiful skin. Visualizations are very powerful because your mind believes what it sees.

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