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a quick and easy way to refresh your energy and your hair…

Outer Beauty:

Ever wonder how to get full, sexy waves in your hair? Well here you go, this works best on hair textures that are not frizzy or curly and if you have bangs you may have to blow them out afterwards. Wrap your hair in a towel when it is dry, and leave it wrapped up while you shower. The humidity from the shower will give your hair volume and waves.  This is a great way to freshen-up before going out for the evening.  Scrunch in a dime -sized pump of cream, I love Shu Uemera Tasai Versatile Styling Cream, it adds piece-y texture and smells amazing!  Touch it up with the curling iron and voila!

Inner Beauty:

Use this as a morning or evening mediation or just to refresh your energy throughout the day.  This is also a very useful tool for stress-reduction or to center yourself  before a big meeting or presentation.  Begin by visualizing golden light shining through the crown of your head and wrapping it around your entire body.  Breathe in slowly and feel yourself filling your entire body with light until every cell is sparkling.  Hold this light for 5 min (it’s okay if you do less or more, whatever works for you) and just bask in the glow of this beautiful feeling.  When you’re finished you will notice yourself feeling more peaceful and relaxed.

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Shannon, I love the blog! Congrats! Can’t wait to read more.. xx


I love that you have a blog now! I’ll be checking it…where can I get me some of that hair creme?

Shannon Kim
patty elzinga

great information can’t wait to see more!

Shannon Kim

thank you!! love you xo

terri mussatti

I feel so enlightened.
Thanks Kim.
Nice seeing you, love. 🙂

Shannon Kim

Thank you and you too see you again soon xo

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