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perfection is in the imperfections…

Outer Beauty:

The luscious scent of Nars Bath and Shower Gel Ginger Grapefruit will have you hooked right from the start. This refreshing and luxurious blend is enriched with natural botanicals, to gently clean and moisturize your skin.

Inner Beauty:

When you accept yourself for exactly who you are, that’s when others see your true beauty. We all harbor feelings of insecurity, awkwardness and fear. Self-acceptance comes when you are able to feel these feelings, recognize where they’re coming from and release them without acting upon them. They may always be there, the key is learning how to quiet these emotions and redirect your mind to more positive thoughts. Beauty is born in accepting yourself and all of your flaws, it’s your imperfections that make you special and unique.

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Linda Cohn

Beautiful picture!

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