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every cloud has a silver lining…

Outer Beauty:

Are you dreaming of a getaway? Then Herbal Coconut Moisturizer by Epicuren is the answer to your prayers. The tropical smell of coconut is reminscent of vacations spent at the beach. This nutrient rich spray, fortified with Kukui Nut and Coconut Oil replenishes your skin’s natural moisture. It’s also great as an after-sun moisturizer to soothe and rejuvenate bronzed skin. When sprayed in your tresses it creates beach-y, sexy waves, leaving your locks looking and smelling fabulous! Whether you’re at home, on vacation or at the beach this lightweight formula is the perfect companion for all stops on your journey.

Inner Beauty:

You know old the saying “It’s a blessing in disguise”, has anyone ever wondered why a blessing always comes in a disguise. If it’s really a blessing, can’t it just arrive dressed as itself? It would be much easier to recognize. Well, this is life’s way of reminding us that while we’re busy searching for the path, we’re already on it. When we’re struggling to learn the lesson, we’re already learning it. It requires a great deal of faith and trust to know that even though you can’t see the entire road, if you can just see a few feet ahead, eventually you will reach your destination.

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