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all you need is love…

Outer Beauty:

Bumble and Bumble Texture invites you to mess with perfection, to craft your own one-of-a-kind, freehand, tousled look.  This gel-creme provides lift, volume, grit and grip.  It gives a dry, matte finish and builds easily with memory and mold-ability.  Start with a small amount on damp hair (a must) and build from there.  Let sit for a minute to dry, then loosen and ruffle.  Apply at roots for extra lift and use a diffuser for more overall volume .  Ladies and gents alike can use this product, all it takes is the right attitude and application, to carve your own path.


Inner Beauty:

Love is the fabric of our lives.   Without this one thread, everything would be nothing.  Love comes in many disguises and it’s up to us to unveil each one.  Every person, place, and experience in our life is an opportunity to either create or demonstrate more love toward ourselves and others.  The lesson is in the perfection of how all of these roads intersect and connect.  The next time you’re wondering what you should do or why this is happening to you, remember that as you’re drawing the map of your life you’re leading yourself exactly where you need to be for the path that you’re on.  We’re all connected by love.

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