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the proof is in the pudding…


Outer Beauty:

I love these two products by Living Proof. They can be used separately or in tandem; when using both start by spraying the Root Lifting Spray at the roots and scrunching a dime size amount of the Thickening Cream into the ends.  From here you have the option of heat styling or air drying.  Both methods will create lasting body and fullness.  The way I use it is to air dry on towel-dried hair.  It leaves my hair wavy and full of body without being sticky or crunchy.  And for those of you who know me, I’m obsessed with my hair, so you can believe me when I say it really works.

Click here to check out their website, watch how-to videos, Q & A and customer reviews.


Inner Beauty:

People will always show you who they are, so it’s up to you to listen.  The way you do this is by paying attention to actions, verbiage and body language.  When you pick up on these cues and engage your intuition, you can learn a lot about someone’s true character.  The trick here is trusting the information you’re receiving, then making decisions based on this knowledge.  The following are quick and easy steps for learning how to trust your intuition:

–  Clear yourself of other people’s voices, opinions and thoughts

–  Quiet your mind

–  Be patient and allow the answer to come


I promise you this is so simple and it really works.  Learning to trust and listen to yourself are two very, valuable lessons that will change the way you live your life.

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