the beauty of acceptance…



Outer Beauty:

Nature’s Rescue is like a spa experience for your scalp and hair. You will be addicted to the fresh scent and it leaves your hair feeling clean and luxurious!  This gentle, deep-cleansing, nature-inspired haircare line contains  aloe vera, soy protein and sea algae, which pamper and perfect your natural hair texture; while also being conscious of the environment.  Recommended for all hair types, it’s safe for colour-treated hair and daily use.


Inner Beauty:

We all follow our own path.  There can be no judgement of  who someone else is, only acceptance.  That’s the road to complete freedom in all of your relationships.  When you accept someone for who they are unconditionally; you have the clarity to choose how to respond.  Resisting the present moment or the truth with another person creates worry and stress.  Instead of trying to change someone to fit your picture of who you think they should be, you can respond by being honest about who you are.  There is a quiet beauty and strength in being vulnerable to yourself and another person.  Within this stillness is how we  flourish and grow with ourselves and our communication with others.


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