SKIN || 30, 30, 30

think your way to higher thoughts…

Outer Beauty:

I’m addicted to Kerstin Florian Multi-Vitamin Day Creme SPF 30. The fresh scent and creamy, lightweight texture are perfectly hydrating without being sticky or oily. Worn alone or under make-up, your skin will be revitalized and protected all day long from the rays of the summer sun!

Inner Beauty:

Think your way to higher thoughts in 30 days. The way to do this is through positive affirmations. To begin this process:

– choose an area of your life that isn’t working
– write down the negative beliefs you have surrounding that topic

After you have done this, take the negative statements and reverse them into positive statements. You have just created positive affirmations! Write the positve affirmations on a piece of paper and repeat them 30 times over in the morning, afternoon and evening. Do this for 30 days and watch how your life will begin to change!

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