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Dry Brush

Outer Beauty:

Dry brushing is a natural way to exfoliate and stimulate circultaion. This technique is done on dry skin before you shower, and is a great way to prepare for a self-tanning application. Not only does this make your skin glow, it also helps to develop a healthy, loving relationship with your body. Click here to learn more…

Inner Beauty:

As we navigate the wonderful world of change, there comes a time for us to shed our skin. The easiest way to make this transition is to allow it to happen. A great visualiziation for this process is to imagine yourself as you are now, next, watch yourself walk out of your old skin and into the new space you’ve created. Observe how it feels to be in this space and know that no matter how awkward you may feel, change happens one step at a time. By stepping into it instead of resisting it, we allow the magic of the unknown to unfold perfectly.

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